This is a Guest Blog Article written by Megan O’Brien, Director of ATHENA SOCIAL

Summary: Bring your online shopping experience to social, and enhance your sales with TikTok.

There’s no better way to create a seamless shopping experience, then by incorporating TikTok into your ecommerce strategy.

Since its launch, TikToks capabilities have proven to be endless, with sophisticated technology making it easier than ever for consumers to purchase without even leaving the app.

Expectations of consumers are changing, so it's time to get with it.

What E-Commerce Tools Are Available On TikTok?

Most companies and creators can build their very own TikTok storefront. This gives users the chance to browse and purchase your brand product without leaving the app, using integrations for Shopify and other ecommerce platforms. Other tools include product linking and TikTok promotional features.

To make the most out of the ecommerce experience, we recommend utilising each feature in your ecommerce strategy.

1. Set Up Your TikTok Shop

If you have a business profile, you can set up your TikTok Shop. The TikTok shop experience uniquely combines entertainment with organic selling techniques, enabling sellers to collaborate or sell directly through content, or LIVEs without being limited by follower count.

You’ll first need to go through onboarding process by signing up as a seller. You will then be able to upload your product catalogue and sell through TikTok using their unique platform.

2. Your Own TikTok Store Front

Once you’ve uploaded your catalogue, you can display your products on your profile in its own shopping tab. We recommend customising this with your website branding to create familiarity and an overall seamless experience.

3. Shop Tab

The shop tab built into the app is available to most users worldwide. Here consumers have the option to browse recommended products, by category, or to search for products using keywords. Using relevant keywords in your product listing will help to make you findable on the shop front.

4. Post Content With Product Linking

It’s time to get creating! You will have the option to add clickable links into your profile bio, including your Instagram, Amazon storefront or ecommerce platform. Product links are also able to be embedded into your videos. Be weary not to push sales to hard, there are plenty of natural and organic ways you can push your product through storytelling and entertaining content. People by from people, and although the ability to purchase is there, people don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to

5. Shoppable Live Streams

Going live, although may seem intimidating at first, is a great way to build connections with your target community and can result in high driving conversions. This ability however is only available when you grow your account to 1,000 followers. So make sure you are creating consistent, authentic content and that you continue to community build online.

6. Advertising on TikTok

Putting a paid budget behind your TikToks allow you to accurately target specific audiences through interest based data through TikTok or through data collected via your website and your TikTok account. These clickable ads can help you to convert, drive traffic and increase engagement depending on your goals.

Are there any benefits to TikTok for ecommerce?

TikTok’s e-commerce options can elevate your strategy to the next level. There’s the added benefit of no product listing feed and reduced commission rates for the first 3 months. You get access to shop experts and even get rewarded as a new seller.

Why should I use TikTok for ecommerce?

The lines between social media and search engines are continuing to blur. We’re getting new features from both Google and social media platforms that mean search and social are becoming one. Google’s latest update is showing social media posts under business profiles. TikTok are showing us average ranking metrics.

As the way we consume adapts and changes, platforms are taking the leap to catch up. Are you?